Frequenty Asked Questions

Data Quality

How long does the system store Data Quality statistics?

The information that you see in the Quality Queue will be stored by the system indefinitely, with the exception of the Data Quality Exceptions. All statistical information regarding the number of exceptions, population, and check execution time will always be available. You can access this information using the charts/dashboards or by accessing the Data Quality OData feed.

How long does the system store Data Quality Exceptions?

The data quality exceptions are the records of data that are returned from a quality check. These exceptions are made available through the Quality Queue by viewing the Exceptions detail tab. They are also made available through the Data Quality OData feed. The Naveego platform will retain the data quality exceptions for 30 days.

When are Data Quality Notification emails delivered?

The Data Quality Notification system is designed to send a summary of the Data Quality checks for which a user has subscribed. These notifications are sent on a daily basis and default to a schedule of 6:00 AM EST. The delivery schedule can be updated for your tenant. If you wish to change this schedule please contact us or your Naveego partner. We do not support custom schedules for individual users.