Releases & Updates

Release Numbers

Naveego release numbers are designed to be point-in-time labels that indicate the time frame the release was deployed. A release number consist of two or three parts, the year the release was deployed and its sequence number, and and optional update number.

The year portion of the release number will follow the typical calendar year cycle, while the sequence will be reset at the beginning of each year. The example above would be the second release of 2019.

Releases vs. Updates

At Naveego we are always working to provide additional value to our customers while maintaining the highest level of quality. Importantly, we also want to resolve issues that are identified in our production environment as soon as possible. To distinguish between these two scenarios we will define releases and updates. Releases contain new functionality and/or new products. Updates are minor updates to an existing Release that contain fixes and improvements.

Frequency and Time Window

The Naveego team aims to provide new functionality on a monthly basis, with major enhancements or product launches on a quarterly basis. Update deployments are deployed on an as-needed basis. Due to the efficiency of our release process, we are often able to provide zero downtime deployments. Most update deployments will fall under this category, and may be deployed at any given time. Release deployments may also be deployable with zero downtime, however if this is not possible we will schedule the deployment during our standard maintenance hours.