2019 R9

The 2019 R9 release includes a new major feature as well as multiple performance and user interface upgrades. The new Accelerator feature allows users to sign up and try the Naveego Platform in a limited capacity quickly and easily by filling out a form on our website. Once the form is submitted, an environment will be automatically provisioned and the user can start connecting to their data sources immediately. Additionally, we are providing a Cloud agent for all tenants that will allow you to connect to any cloud accessible data source without the need to install and on-premises Agent. Visit our website to learn more.



  1. Accelerator Program
    Users now have the ability to sign up for a trial version of the Naveego Platform that will allow them to connect their data sources, create a shape, read data into the shape and then perform a cross-system comparison that will highlight data inaccuracies that can be remedied by upgrading to our Golden Record as a Service subscription.


  1. Matching performance has been greatly increased by adding the ability for the platform to execute matching for multiple shapes in parallel.


  1. When no Golden Record history events are present, or when all events are filtered out by active filters, the user will be notified with a message indicating why no history is being displayed.

  2. Filters have been re-added to the Golden Record History screen.

  3. Global search retention when switching between shapes has been fixed.



  1. Naveego Pilot App
    Installing an on-premises Agent is now made even easier by the addition of the Naveego Pilot web app, simply download and launch the application, select the option to add a new agent, and select the ‘Install’ button.


  1. Resolved issue that would throw record count totals on read jobs in some cases where all records were unchanged during a scheduled read.


  1. Plugins have been added for out of the box connectivity to Sage and Hubspot.



  1. Users can now set the menu to a collapsible state if desired.
  2. Users will now be automatically logged out of the platform when idle for 15 minutes.