2020 R2

Release Date: 06/30/2020

The 2020 R2 release includes a complete overhaul of our UI that will greatly improve the user experience for clients that are on the latest platform version. In addition to a new interface, this release includes multiple new features, including the introduction of Domains, and the ability to configure multi-stage matching.


  • The new user interface breaks MDM into two major components, Configure and Monitor. Configure is where MDM Administrators will manage all Golden Record configuration including connections for inputs and outputs, as well as Golden Record assembly and schedules for data ingestion. The new user interface was designed with user experience in mind, and it is now even easier for users to quickly and easily build their Golden Records.

  • There are no major changes to the Data Quality menu or UI



  1. Multi-stage Matching - Users can now configure multiple match rules. If the properties required for a match rule are null for one or more data points, the platform will now attempt the next sequential matching rule for de-duplication of data.

  2. Smart Mapping - Users can now map properties to and from all inputs and outputs quickly and easily with the new Auto Map option.

  3. Domains - This release includes the introduction of Domains. A domain is one level higher than a Golden Record, and is an area where multiple Golden Records that are related to one another in one or more ways can be grouped together. Domains allow users to pull multiple Golden Records into a single draft, which then allows users to publish multiple changes to multiple Golden Records simultaneously.


  • Relationships between Golden Records are now dynamically visualized on the Domain’s Relationships tab.

  • When viewing records that are related to a Golden Record, users can now select the link button to open the related Golden Record in a separate tab.

  • Users can now see a visualization of data flow into and out of the Naveego Platform on when viewing a Golden Record in the Monitor module.

  • Users can now filter which Golden Record properties are included in replication jobs.

  • Users now have the ability to assign multiple Golden Record properties the same merge rule as well as configure a default merge rule.

  • Inputs and Outputs can now be paused/purged en masse.

  • High performance GRPC ingestion will now be the default setting for all inputs, this can be disabled under the ‘Beta’ section of an input.

  • CSC results can now be exported in MS Excel format.


MySQL Plugin - Users can now Read/Write/Replicate to and from their MySQL instances.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Plugin - Users can now replicate golden records to and their Oracle ADW instances.

Amazon Aurora Plugin - Users can now Read/Write/Replicate to and from their Aurora instances.

PostgreSQL Plugin - Users can now Read/Write/Replicate to and from their Aurora instances.

MariaDB Plugin - Users can now Read/Write/Replicate to and from their MariaDB instances.

AS400/DB2 Plugin - Users can now Read/Write/Replicaiton to/from their DB2 instances.

  • File Reader Plugin - The File Reader plugin now supports writing and/or replicating Golden Record data directly to a flat file.

  • Mockaroo Plugin - Users can now use their Mockaroo API Key to access their Mockaroo Schemas and Datasets