2020 R3

Release Date: 08/04/2020

The 2020 R3 release includes a new major feature “Masking” that will allow MDM Administrators to better secure sensitive information and replicate masked data to target systems.



  1. Masking - MDM Administrators can now create derived properties on a Golden Record and configure masking rules for those properties.

Example: SSN
Unmasked “111-11-1111”
Mask Rule 1 “111-11-####”
Mask Rule 2 “###-##-####”

  1. Golden Record Compare export - In the Monitor module, users can now download a report displaying inconsistencies between a Golden Record and its inputs.


  • Users can now dynamically re-order the display of Golden Record properties from the Version Browser in the Monitor Module.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Reworked profiling’s DQ suggestion explanations for clarity.

  • Resolved sorting issue on Monitor module that would reset sorting during data ingestion.

  • Resolved issue where some minor changes would not qualify a domain for re-publishing.

  • Resolved issue where large numbers would be displayed in scientific notation when converted to a string value.

  • Improved error sample display for inputs/outputs/replications.

  • Updated “Show Filter” option to function properly when horizontal version browse option is enabled.

  • Improved grid labeling for built in Monitoring graphs.

  • Resolved display bug where large integers would be displayed in scientific notation when converted from data type Integer to String.

  • Improved UI feedback to inform users when an input/output/replication job that was previously in a failed state has recovered.


  • Salesforce Plugin - Resolved OAuth issue that was causing intermittent connectivity issues.


Fixes and Improvements

  • The User Management module has been re-designed for a better user experience along with the addition of the ability to create custom user roles.

  • Improved UI responsiveness in Monitor module when inputs/outputs recover from errors.

  • Resolved minor display issue in Monitor Module to properly display time segements on input/output graphs.

Data Quality

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed the navigation menu “Notifications - Mine” to re-direct user to proper location with filtered notifications.

  • “Deploy Sync Client” button has been deprecated.