2020 R6

Release Date: 11/18/2020

The 2020 R6 release includes a major update to our Matching feature. Users can now configure much more sophisticated matching rules to better de-duplicate data as it is ingested into the Naveego Platform. Notable new options within matching include weighted matching,pre-match filter capabilities, and the ability to configure multi-rule match steps.



  1. Enhanced Matching
    • Users can now apply pre-match filters to a match step in the Matching UI.
    • Users can now apply weights to Match steps with multiple properties.
    • Users can now determine whether a match rule or step is skipped or ignored when a match property is null.
    • User can now configure match steps that contain multiple match rules.
  2. Rejected Record Report - A historical record of data points that have failed ingestion in the last 24 hours will now be available directly in the UI. This report will contain details around ingestion failures and where possible will highlight the specific data point that is causing a record to fail.

  3. Connection display customization - Users can now customize the image that is displayed to represent a connection.


  • A preview of profiling results can now be seen in the Monitor module for inputs with ‘Auto Profiling’ enabled.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Auto-Mapping will no longer suggest mapping two schema properties to the same Golden Record property.
  • Resolved scrolling issue on Version Browser that would occur when a filter was in place.
  • Domains will no longer be publishable if there is a Golden Record containing a source with no mappings configured.
  • Users will no longer be able to save inputs/outputs with no schema selected.
  • The ‘View Records’ option will now be disabled when no Golden Records are present.
  • Resolved issue with sorting integer columns when browsing Golden Records.

Data Quality

Fixes and Improvements

  • Legacy User menu option removed from DQ menu.