2020 R7

Release Date: 12/31/2020

The 2020 R7 release is a maintenance release with various fixes and improvements across MDM, Administration, and Plug-in capabilities.



  • ‘In’ list filter option - Users can now select an input/output/replication filter of type ‘In’ and provide a comma separated list of values to be included or excluded based on filter configuration.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Output mapping issues on the Overview screen of a Golden Record will now route users to the ‘Outputs’ section of the Mapping configuration tab when selected.
  • Matching rules will now be expanded by default when navigating to the Matching configuration tab.
  • The return button will now take the user to the previous screen instead of the Monitor overview page in the Monitor Module.
  • Resolved issue that would prevent users from deleting a domain if the domain name had trailing whitespace.
  • Resolved paging issue that would sometimes occur when switching between the Golden Record browsers for two different Golden Records.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Column filters on the Users list under Users & Settings now properly filter rows based on filter input.



  • Oracle Plugin - Provided option to skip discovery of Output schemas with option to manually enter the desired Stored Procedure to use for an output.
  • File Reader Plugin - Additional mode ‘AS400’ for reading AS/400 files is now supported.

Fixes and Improvements

  • MSSQL Plugin - Increased width of dropdown when selecting a Stored Procedure for an output to facilitate stored procedures with long names.
  • File Reader Plugin - Improved UI for File Reader plugin to only display appropriate settings based on the expected file type.
  • File Reader Plugin - Values for null value replacement and custom file header are no longer mandatory when creating a replication.