2021 R1

Release Date: 02/04/2021

The 2020 R1 Release contains the initial rollout of the new Transactional Workflow feature. This is a limited rollout to support integration between the Naveego Platform and the Aunalytics Daybreak platform. As more capabilities are added, the Transactional Workflow feature will be generally released.



  1. Transactional Workflows (Beta)
    • In addition to Golden Records, users can now configure a Transactional Workflow to move larger datasets from a source database to the datastore of their choice while bypassing Mapping, Matching, and Merging configuration.
    • Transactional Workflows utilize high volume data movement by leveraging the bulk data load capabilities of the target data lakes and allow users to move data at


  • Version display order on the Golden Record Version Browser will now be consistent, versions will be sorted alphabetically by Connection name.
  • The most recent 10 versions of a custom query will now be stored to allow users to recover old versions of custom queries that have been successfully tested via the UI.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Reduced the amount of whitespace around a sliding toggle that registers a click action to avoid accidental toggling.



  • File Reader Plugin - Additional modes ‘FTP’ and ‘SFTP’ are now supported, allowing users to ingest files directly from an FTP/SFTP server.