2021 R2

Release Date: 02/25/2021

The 2021 R2 Release contains the initial rollout of the new Transactional Workflow feature. This release also contains an update to our Scheduled Input logic that allows it to detect deleted data points from a source and appropriately update Golden Records based on the data that was deleted at the source.



  1. Transactional Workflows
    • In addition to Golden Records, users can now configure a Transactional Workflow to move datasets from a source database to the datastore of their choice while bypassing Mapping, Matching, and Merging configuration.
    • Transactional Workflows utilize high volume data movement by leveraging the bulk data load capabilities of the target data lakes and allows users to move data that does not need to be mastered more quickly than a standard replication job.
    • Currently the Transactional Workflow feature supports destinations of Amazon S3 and Aunalytics’ Aunsight platform.


  • Scheduled input jobs will now detect records that have been deleted at the source, and propagate those deletions to the appropriate Golden Records.
  • Updated the Version Browser display to keep the Golden Record in the first position of displayed records when sorting (applies to both horizontal and vertical browsing modes.)
  • Search option added to Merge configuration screen to allow users to search for properties assigned to Custom Merge Rules.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved writeback error message display in the UI for large error messages including the ability to scroll which allows users to view the entire error message directly in the UI.
  • Improved performance of deleted Version and Golden Records reflected in the UI.
  • Input/Output Graphs on the Monitor page will now default to display the last 5 minutes of data to improve UI performance.
  • Changing the display name of a Matching step will no longer require a full purge and reload in order to Preview/Publish.
  • Improved recoverability for scheduled jobs that when they become stuck in a pending state.
  • Improved reliability of download option for the Rejected Records report.
  • Error messages that are displayed after testing a custom schema can now be dismissed by the user.



  • File Reader Plugin - Additional modes ‘FTP’ and ‘SFTP’ are now supported which allows users to ingest files directly from an FTP/SFTP server.
  • Oracle Plugin - Users can now bypass discovery to improve performance when connecting to extremely large databases while retaining the ability to create a custom schema input from the selected database.