2021 R3

Release Date: 04/29/2021

The 2021 R3 Release contains an additional option for Transactional Workflow destinations, users can now use the Transactional Workflow feature to send data to your cloud hosted Snowflake instance. This release also contains an update to the Naveego Agent that allows for the ingestion of data at much faster rate.



  1. Transactional Workflows - Snowflake
    • Users can now target a Snowflake instance when configuring Transactional Workflows.


  • Version 0.24.16 of the Naveego Agent will allow for increased data ingestion and deflection rates.
  • The password reset user experience has been re-worked to provide all new password requirements up-front when restting a user password.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Existing connections using plug-ins that do not support Output and/or Replication configuration will no longer appear as options when creating a new Output or Replication job (For Example, the Mockaroo plugin supports Inputs only).
  • Improved backend cleanup tasks when deleting an input that has been previously profiled in order to prevent unnecessary UI errors.
  • Improved dropdown functionality on the [Assemble - Merge] screen to resolve issue where the property dropdown would not open in some cases when more than one custom merge rule exists.
  • Improved Agent’s Plugin download/maintenance capabilities for tenants with more than 30 available plugins.