2021 R4

Release Date: 04/27/2021

The 2021 R4 Release contains multiple enhancements to existing functionality as well as a new feature allowing users to subscribe to notifications from a Naveego Agent.



  1. Agent Notifications
    • Users can now subscribe to notifications in order to receive an email notification when an Agent has become disconnected, or is suffering from intermittent connectivity issues.
  2. Transactional Workflows - Aunsight CIFI 3.0
    • Users can now transmit TXWF data to Aunsight using the ‘CIFI 3.0’ version of the Aunsight plugin. Using this plugin will format the data en route to Aunsight in a manner that is compatible with Customer Intelligence Financial Industry Model 3.x.


  • For large datasets, Cross System Compare report emails will now provide a hyperlink to download the report from a cloud location, rather than attempt to attach a large file directly to the email.
  • Profiling results will now highlight value frequency, showing the top 5 most frequent values for each property, as well as a count indicating the number of times that value is seen in the profiled schema.
  • Previous query versions are now stored for recovery when creating/editing real time queries.
  • MDM API updated to allow users to trigger a full/changed-only read on an input using a job’s ID value.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Golden Records that are flagged to be hidden from the UI will now be properly hidden from the Monitor navigation menu.
  • Improved error messaging will now be returned in the UI in cases where user configuration has caused processing failures during the matching stage.
  • Resolved issue that would prevent users from configuring an output filter based on a property of data type ‘boolean.’
  • Resolved issue that would cause matching errors when matching on a property of data type ‘decimal.’